Are your dresses bulk produced in China?

No, all our prayer dresses and prayer rugs are made here in Madina. Saudi Arabia by crafted seamstresses with love and care under fair work conditions.


This means that when you have special prefrences are request we can cater to it.

Do you need an extra long/short/big/small dress or do you want a specific model without lace or with the scarf detached? We can have it sewn for you without extra charge.


Is the prayer dress a 'one-piece' or is the hijaab detached?

The prayer dress is a 'one-piece' dress with partly attached hijaab.
You can wrap the XL hijaab around your head the way you prefer.

The dress is designed to to cover your feet without having to put on socks, so if you make sure to chose the correct length for your height you will not need them.


Do I need a pin to make sure my hijaab stays put?

This is not necessary but it depends on your preferences and which fabric the prayer dress is made from.

Our cotton dresses are famous for staying put while the Satin dresses are made from a smoother fabric which can be a bit slippery on your head.
Most pictures shown on our site were made without using a pin.


Does the dress have a zipper?

Yes our regular model dress does which makes it easy to put the dress on and take it off.
Because of the zipper the dress is nursing proof too.

The 'Emira' wrap and tie dress  is our only model that does not have a zipper. 


Can I nurse my baby while wearing this dress?

Yes our dresses are perfect for nursing your baby.

You can easily give your child access with the help of the zipper and you can make sure you stay covered by using the attached scarf.


How long is the dress?

The cotton dresses in standard size are 160 cm long (63 inches) and around 90 cm wide (35 inches) at the front and the back.

Are you taller than 170 cm and you still prefer the dress to fall over your feet? Let us know and we are happy to make an extra long dress for you!

Are you shorter than 162 cm and you prefer your dress not extra long?

Let us know and we are happy to make an shorter dress for you!

Some models like the special dress and satin dress and some popular cotton ones have different length options.


Do the cuffs slide down during prayer or raising your hands for dua or takbeer?

No the cuffs stay put because they have an elastic band.


Can I slide my sleeves up easily to perform ablution (wudoo ) before praying?

Yes, you can.


Which fabric is used to make these dresses?

Our standard dresses and the Emira model are made of cotton. This is a flowy, soft and airy fabric which is suitable for all seasons.

The special dress is made of a light, souple fabric called Malik Qurban and is comparable to the luxury fabric used here in the Middle East for qamees.


How should I wash my dress?

We always advise our customers to use a cold, gently washing cycle preferably 'hand wash' or 'wool wash'. Do not put the dresses in the dryer.

This way the dress does not shrink and the lace keeps its beauty. 

Since cotton fabric is famous for shrinking when washed the first time we always advise to add 5 cm to your preferred length.


Red fabric is known for 'bleeding' color, so just to be safe we advice you to wash the 'Ruby Red' prayer dress cold (to fixate the color) and to seperate from other clothes.


Do you offer prayerdresses for younger girls?

Yes we do. If we have stock you will find these dresses on our website and in case they are sold out you are always welcome to place a custom order without extra costs.


In case you did not find your question in the list above,

please do not hesistate to contact us, we are happy to help you!



All our prayer dresses are handmade in Saudi Arabia with love and care under fair work circumstances.

Have you got special wishes for colors or designs?

We are happy to help and make a custom order for you!