Chocolate Brown Prayer Dress

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Introducing our Prayer Dress Collection, a must-have for every Muslima!


Handcrafted with care in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, each dress comes with a partially attached headscarf for your convenience.

Experience full coverage from head to toe during your daily prayers. The dress features a partially attached scarf, measuring approximately 180 cm allowing you to elegantly drape it around your head in a style that suits your preference.

Made from loose and flowy cotton fabric, this dress is suitable for all seasons. The hidden zipper on the front ensures easy wear over your outfit. But that's not all - did you know this versatile dress is perfect for nursing mothers too?

The zipper design allows for easy nursing while providing ample coverage, thanks to the extra-large scarf. The standard size is 160 cm (63 inches) from shoulder to floor, with a shorter option at 155 & 150 cm (59 inches) & longer options as well.


The dress is approximately 80-90 cm (32-35 inches) wide, making it suitable for all body types.

Not sure about the size?
If you want the dress to flow over your pick your total height minus 5 centimers.
For example: Someone who is 165 cm (5"5) picks 160 cm length.

Don't worry we always reach out to our customers to check before we (sew or) ship.

Need a custom size or have specific requests? Feel free to reach out to us – we offer custom dresses at no extra cost.

Important notes:

  • Please be aware that we do not accept returns for custom-sewn dresses.


  • Cotton fabric may experience shrinkage after the first wash, so consider this when selecting your size. Follow the washing instructions provided with your order.


  • Our prayer dresses are designed for indoor use.