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  • Custom Sewn and Handmade
  • Exclusively designed & made in Saudi Arabia
  • 1 piece Prayer Dress with Attached Hijaab covers from head to toe

NEW -Chocolate Brown Prayer Dress



Introducing our versatile prayer dress in Chocolate Brown, designed to provide you with complete coverage from head to toe during your daily prayers. The headscarf is thoughtfully designed with a partial attachment, measuring approximately 180 cm in length, allowing you the flexibility to style it according to your preferences. Crafted from soft and lightweight cotton fabric, the dress drapes effortlessly, making it an ideal choice to wear over your regular outfit.

To ensure the perfect fit, our dress measurements are taken from the shoulder to the floor. If you're uncertain about the length you require, don't worry! We value our customers and always make it a point to reach out before we sew and ship your order. Simply let us know the size you're looking for, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Convenience is key, which is why our dress features a hidden front zipper. This practical addition makes it easy to put on or take off the dress whenever needed. Furthermore, the discreet zipper also allows for nursing your baby comfortably while utilizing the scarf for added privacy.

Looking for a dress length that differs from our standard offering? We're here to help! We specialize in creating custom dresses tailored to your specifications. Whether you desire a longer or shorter dress, just inform us, and we'll bring your vision to life. Additionally, if you prefer black lace instead of white, we can accommodate that request as well.

Please be aware that due to the personalized nature of our custom-made dresses, we are unable to accept returns. We take great care in crafting each garment to your exact requirements, ensuring a unique piece that is exclusively yours.