All our prayer dresses are handmade with care in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

It gives you head to toe covering for your daily prayers.

The dress has an partly attached hijab of approximately 200 cm (78 inch) which makes it perfect to wrap around your head the way you prefer.

It is made of loose flowy cotton fabric which makes this dress perfect for all seasons including the summer and has a hidden zipper on the front which makes it easy to wear on top of your outfit.

Did you know this dress comes in handy for nursing your baby too?

Due to the zipper you can easily nurse, but stay covered at the same time due to the extra big scarf.

The dress has a standard size of 160 cm (63 inch) from shoulder to the floor but we have a shorter size available too at the moment which is 150 cm (59 inch).

The dress is around 90 cm (35 inch) wide. This makes this model suitable for any body type.

but for some models, like this one, we have shorter options too.

Do you need an extra long dress or do you want it to be shorter? Or do you have got special request?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us, we make custom dresseswithout extra costs.

Please note that we do not take custom made dresses return. 



Please note that due to the light color of this dress it is sligthly see through. We advise to wear something under it when you use it for prayer.



Which size do you need? 

If you are shorter than 160 cm we advise 150 cm from shoulder to floor. 

If you are between 161 cm & 170 cm the regular length of 160 cm is perfect for you. 

If you are taller, please let us know and we have one made according to your wishes. 

Washing instructions:

We advise to wash the prayerdresses cold while using a gentle washing cycle like 'handwash' or 'woolwash'.