Girls' Prayer Dress- Different Sizes and Prices


This prayer dress makes for the perfect gift for your daughter, little sister or niece.

The dress is the same as our prayer dress for women with it's flowy, soft fabric and zipper at the front.

We offer 4 different lengths measured from the shoulder. If you prefer another length or color just let us know and we have one custom made for you 

The model on the first picture holding a doll is 4 years old and wears size 95 cm.

The model on the second picture in the lavender color is 7 years old, wears size 125 cm.


Size Chart:

160 cm and not fully grown? We advice a women size dress.

145 cm - 159 cm tall? Buy size 140 cm

130 cm - 144 cm tall? Buy size 125 cm

110 cm - 129 cm tall? Buy size 110 cm

95 cm - 109 cm tall? Buy size 95 cm

Have you got any questions or concerns? 

Please contact us and we are happy to help.