Ruby Red with Black Lace - Limited Edition

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This dress is the same color as our Ruby Red dress but with a different type of lace. Isn't it pretty?

You can choose between 2 styles of lace.

The first photo shows the regular lace and the second photo the round and smaller type of lace. Which one is your favorite?

This prayer dress is a must have for every muslimah.

It gives you head to toe covering for your daily prayers.
The dress has an partly attached hijab of approximately 200cm which makes it perfect to wrap around your head the way you prefer.

It is made of loose flowy cotton fabric which makes it perfect to wear on top of your outfit.

The dress is 1 size and measures 160 cm from shoulder to the floor.

The dress has an hidden zipper on the front which makes it easy to put the dress on or take it off.

The zipper makes the dress perfect for nursing your baby while using the scarf for some privacy.

If you got any custom wishes please let us know. Without extra cost we can make any length or color (lace) you want. You can let us know in the comment box when you order or contact us.


Fabric: Rayon Cotton

Length: 160 cm / 63 inches

Width:  90cm / 35,5 inches