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  • 1 piece Prayer Dress with Attached Hijaab covers from head to toe

20% off - LIMITED EDITION - Aquamarine Satin Prayer Dress with White Lace

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This exclusive prayer dress is handmade of Luxurious satin fabric in Madina. It will be sewn according your height and size. 

The sleeves have an elastic band to make sure they stay put during prayer but are easy to slide up in case you have to perform ablution (wudhu) before prayer.


The scarf is partly attached to the back of the dress.

You will never have to look for it again.

You can wrap the scarf around your head any way you like.


The zipper on the front makes it easy to put on and breastfeeding proof.


Size advise:

Do you want the dress not to reach the floor? Take your total length and subtract 20 cm.


Do you want the dress to just cover your feet when you stand? Take your total length and substract 15 cm.


Do you want the dress to flow over your feet so they are covered during prayer? Take your total length and substract 10 - 5 cm .



The width of the dress is from left to right (not around!).

If you need help with choosing the right size let us know, we are happy to help!

Please note that:

-We always try our best to show the colors of our dresses on our pictures as they are in real life but the colors can always show a little different. 

- We do not take custom orders return. 

- Because the dresses are made by hand there can be a few centimeters difference in length - width